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Robots on eBay by Aurobo

A lot of people often ask themselves the question:

Why should I buy a robot from that shop if I can find better price on eBay?

Well, of course it is up to you where to buy. eBay sellers could sometimes have better prices because of few reasons:
1. eBay sellers usually do not provide any warranty at all - sell and forget. Or even worse - sell and erase the eBay account. Unfortunately, electronics break down from time to time. If you have no warranty you may face a problem of paying twice. iRobot declines the warranty to US customers who bought goods on eBay as well. On the other hand, our shop provides its own warranty support for all products.
2. Most of eBay sellers are not registered for GST and do not provide GST tax invoice. If you claim your GST at the end of the year, you'll find that the eBay's price as a matter of fact is 10% higher.
3. There is a good chance that the robots you find on eBay were stolen. One of our suppliers specifically told us not to support any of their products which were bought on eBay.
4. Watch for sellers who list the item as NEW then, hidden at the bottom or in the fine print or both, admit the Roomba or Scooba is Remanufactured. READ THE FINE PRINT. Some sellers list the New model of goods, but in fact, sell the old one which is "identical" to the new. Read the fine print again...

Quite often eBay sellers mislead their customer. For example, you may find a Scooba 385 ad which has in the description "one virtual wall + one bonus virtual wall". But if you have a look at the iRobot web-site, you'll find that ANY similar product already has two virtual walls. When you go shopping on eBay, ask the seller some questions first, look at his rate, read seller's feedback, and make your decision based on the impression you get.

You may find this independent review very helpful. Happy shopping!

This article was published on Sunday 22 March, 2009.
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