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Roomba Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roomba: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Could I get a Roomba (Scooba) from iRobot?

iRobot does not sell outside of the United States and Canada. Moreover, the robots sold on iRobot website are able to work with US power mains (120V) only and blow up immediately if you plug it in the Australian mains. On the other hand, Aurobo modifies chargers according to Australian standards.

Please tell me which is the latest Roomba model released for vacuuming dirt and pet hair in a domestic situation?

There are three identical models in 5xx series: Roomba 560, 570 and 580. Any of them in fact contains the same robot, but different accessories set. So all these models are the latest. We believe that Roomba 560 is the most cost effective among 5xx series, that's why we sell it. This model is less expensive as well.
We also offer another model: Roomba 532 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot. It is designed especially for the hairy situations that pet owners face. Two interchangeable cleaning bins - a Vacuuming Bin and a High Capacity Sweeper Bin - provide the option for everyday vacuuming or heavy duty cleaning in hairier, dirtier, high-traffic areas.
We also offer Roomba 610 Professional. The main difference with 5xx series is that the robot supports the Lighthouse technology. It also cleans larger area on a single charge and comes with more accessories.

What is the Virtual Wall?

Virtual Wall creates an invisible barrier that Roomba will not cross. This invisible barrier can be used to confine Roomba to a particular room or area, and preventing it from getting too close to electrical or computer cords, delicate objects on the floor, etc. The Virtual Walls can be set to block an opening up to seven feet long. Note that the width of the Virtual Wall's beam also increases as its length increases, creating a cone-shaped area which Roomba cannot pass. The Virtual Wall also creates a halo of protection around itself, preventing Roomba from getting too close.
Tip : For best performance, place the Virtual Wall on the outside of the doorway you wish to block.
For more information please visit iRobot web-site

What is Virtual Wall Lighthouses?

Virtual Wall Lighthouses assist Roomba in navigating around your home. When used in Lighthouse mode, they help Roomba navigate around your home, find the Home BaseŽ, and allow Roomba to clean one room before starting the next. In Virtual Wall mode, they simply keep Roomba cleaning where you want it and out of off-limit areas.
For more information please visit iRobot web-site

Does my Roomba 560 support Lighthouses?

iRobot just have changed the specification of Roomba 560, 562, 570 and 580. The robots purchased before November 2009 are Lighthouse compatible and they came with the Lighthouses. Currently iRobot have replaced Lighthouses with Auto Virtual Walls (model part number 56101) and the robot itself does not have a radio module inside and does not support the Lighthouse technology. At the moment, the only model which has Lighthouses is Roomba 610 pro.

My Roomba 560 is flashing the yellow light fast all the time. What's wrong?

If Roomba senses that its battery has been significantly discharged, Roomba will enter a special 16-hour refresh charge cycle. When the 16-hour refresh charge is initiated, the CLEAN light will quickly pulse red/amber. Do not interrupt the cycle once it has begun. The 16-hour refresh charge cycle is initiated by the robot and cannot be started manually.

I bought Roomba 560 on eBay with manufacturer warranty. Unfortunately the robot stopped working and iRobot rejected the warranty. Can you fix it?

That's right, robots which are sold outside of the US does not carry manufacturer warranty anymore. Additionally, iRobot explicitly told, that they do not support robots sold on eBay. That is why we provide our own warranty. But we will fix or replace by warranty only the robots we sold.

This article was published on Tuesday 10 March, 2009.
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